The conclusion of a new survey is that blokes from Britain have one greatest fear – and it has nothing to do with marriage – it’s the relegation of their football team.

Forty per cent of the males surveyed said the thought of their team being demoted gave them the most sleepless nights.  While 34 per cent said that the prospect of proposing gave them the creeps. And Amy Winehouse was voted more alarming than parachuting from a plane. Meeting the girlfriend’s parents made number eight and being rejected by a girl was at number five. Large insects came last in the poll by men’s magazine NUTS

Here is the definitive list of fears:

  1. Football team being relegated
  2. Proposing to girlfriend
  3. Losing looks/hair/ageing
  4. Being made to look stupid in front of mates
  5. Being rejected when asking a girl on a date
  6. Small children and babies
  7. Amy Winehouse
  8. Meeting girlfriend’s parents
  9. Free falling
  10. Large insects
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