It’s not the most romantic spot for a marriage proposal but it’s one that worked for Steven Sparks – the 41-year-old got down on one knee in front of girlfriend Carolyn Payne during a trip to Victorian sewers.

And the 29-year-old said ‘yes’ in front of her clapping fellow tour-goers despite the unusual surroundings.  ‘Anyone can get engaged at the Eiffel Tower or over a candlelit dinner but this was unique,’ said Mr Sparks.  ‘The only downside was I was paranoid that I would drop the diamond ring down the drain.’

Ms Payne said: ‘The tour guide asked, “Has anyone got any questions?”.  ‘Steven said, “Yes, I’ve got a question for Carolyn”. That’s when the penny dropped.  ‘People don’t associate sewers with romance but it was very meaningful for me.’

The couple, from Brighton, said the wedding would be above ground despite the scene of their proposal in the town.

Via: Metro

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