Messy Games

Tonight at Uncover, our 14-18 year old youth group we ran a Messy Games evening using the following games:

Alphabet Soup

Equipment: Alphabet Soup

Explanation: Split your group into several teams. Give each team a platter and a few cans of alphabet soup.  Each team must sift through the goo to spell words or make numbers.  You can give points a number of ways:

  • words of three letters
  • words of four letters
  • words with five or more letters
  • Churches can give students high points for spelling spiritual words
  • the biggest word gets a lot of points
  • leaders’ names get high points as well

They are given a time frame to do this (maybe 5 minutes or so).  No swear words or body parts!

Balloon Shave

Equipment: Balloons, shaving foam

Explanation: 3 or 4 kids race to shave a balloon.  First put shaving cream all over the balloons.  The trick is that when the balloon breaks, the shaving cream goes all over, so be prepared!  A little nick put on the razor’s edge beforehand will assure that the balloons will break.

Banana Legs

Equipment: Bananas, tights

Explanation: You can use as many contestants as desired but it’s best with an audience cheering them on.  The contestants place a knee-high pantyhose stocking over their head and face (like a bank robber) and are given a banana.  They race to see who can eat the banana through the nylon first.  Have a camera ready!

Banana Poke

Equipment: Bananas

Explanation: Bring 2 students up front. Tie their left hands together and give each a banana. They must peel the banana with one hand and poke the other in the face (not in eye).  Round Two: blindfolded

Beauty Both Ways

Equipment: Shaving foam, spoon, female hair products (bows, clips, hairspray)

Explanation: Start with the girls sitting. Assign a boy with hair to each girl. Have the boys “shave” the girl’s face with shaving cream and a spoon in under 1 minute. After the time is up, let the girls wash off.
Next the boys sit down. The girls get 5 minutes to do as much with the boys hair as they want, besides cutting it. The boys are to stay in braids, curls, whatever for the rest of the night, or until the youth pastor lets them take them out.

Ketchup Covered M&Ms

Equipment: M&Ms, tomato ketchup

Explanation: Place a bowl of M&Ms in front of three contestants and explain that all they have to do is eat the most in 60secs (or first one done).  Before you say, “Go,” tell them you forgot one thing: the ketchup.  Pour some ketchup over the M&Ms, and even eat a couple if you’ve got the stomach for it.  The contestants may not use their hands. Have both moist and dry towels ready for clean up.

Lemonade Machine

Equipment: Lemons, sugar, water

Explanation: Bring at least two volunteers up front.  Announce them as, “The Lemonade Machine”.  Have them each bring up a friend from the crowd to be their partner.  Each “Lemonade Machine” sits in a chair with his or her head leaning backwards and with their mouth open.

At “Go!”, their friend proceeds to squeeze one lemon, 1 spoon of sugar and 1 cup of water into “Lemonade Machine’s” mouth.  The “Lemonade Machine” stands up and jumps up and down three times and spits the contents of his or her mouth into a glass (make it a clear one for good visual).  Repeat until the glass is full.

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