Saw this at Youthwork International – Youth participation encouraged:

The Methodist’s ‘Youth Participation Strategy’ is being launched later this month. The event, hosted at Kings Park Conference Centre in Northampton from November 21-23, will be attended by about 150 young people.

YPS enables young people to participate in decision-making about the direction of the church. 32 young people will be employed in new, part-time salaried posts as District Youth Enablers. One young person will be employed as Youth President. The Youth Conference will elect the Youth President.

Chair of the Youth Conference, Sarah Malik, 20, said: “This is the first stepping stone of the YPS with young people actually participating in the Methodist Church. With the new system, there will be lots of support in place to help young people who want to make a difference.”

Seems a bit over the top to salary the roles in my opinion, but on the other hand great to see a denomination trying to encourage youth participation.  What do you think?

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