The BBC have reported how a UK court has ordered evangelical preacher Gilbert Deya back to Kenya to face five counts of child stealing. The self-proclaimed bishop of a congregation with 36,000 UK members claimed he could give infertile couples ‘miracle babies’

British and Kenyan officials say vulnerable church members were convinced that Mr Deya had the power of prayer to make them pregnant although they showed no outward signs. They say he used trickery to convince women they had delivered babies.

Kenyan police say Gilbert Deya Ministries is an international child trafficking ring. A British family court judge agreed, saying infertile couples and congregation members were “deceived” by Mr Deya and that he was motivated by “the most base of human avarices: financial greed”.

It is so sad to hear how some church leaders have abused the trust of their congregation, and the wider community, in scams such as these. These kind of cases, along with the cases of child abuse that happened in the church can have such a damaging effect on the wider church.

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