Miriam, who is the Student Mission Team Leader at Fusion, has written a great blog on the theme of the missing generation:

Miriam SwaffieldTrouble is, with all this emphasis on raising younger leaders and reaching my generation, I’m slightly concerned we might also be creating another problem, opening up a different void, moving the focus rather than transforming the process, and therefore not really strengthening the awesome and dysfunctional family that is the local church for the long run at all.

If it’s all about the 18-30s, if it’s all about bringing the younger generation front and centre otherwise the church dies out and retires out of existence in the next decade or so, then I would have thought we’d need the existing family members of the church more than ever?

Rather than those in their 40s and 50s feeling ‘passed it’, or redundant or overlooked now that we’re freaking out about the lack of Gen Y in the room, I would have thought those in the generations above would need to be mobilised like never before.

Check out the rest of the blog here.

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