There’s been lots of exciting news recently from my friend Krish, and others, on a consultation on fostering, adoption and the church that he is working on with Care for the Family and Evangelical Alliance:

There is a pressing need in the UK for more foster and adoptive parents. There is a crisis in recruitment and retainment of foster and adoptive placements.  The church is uniquely placed to offer its help to meet both of these needs. As a large social network with involvement with large numbers of families the church is fertile soil for recruitment. Once carers have been through the full process of assessment, the church provides an excellent community of support wrapping around families to help them continue on in their placements.

This initiative aims to change the culture in local churches across the UK to make adoption and fostering a significant part of the life of the majority of churches. We aim to develop an intentionality about the recruitment and support of foster and adoptive families in local churches.

We need your help.

This is such a big idea that there is no way this can happen without you. We are starting a consultation process so we want to hear from anyone interested in fostering and adoption –

1 Current and prospective foster carers – to understand your hopes, fears and experiences

2 Church and denominational leaders perspective –  to understand how we can begin to change the culture in churches around fostering and adoption

3 Social work professionals – to get a grip on best practice

Your engagement will shape this project at every level. All of our plans are open so getting involved now at this early stage will really help us. There will be 6 regional consultations in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Belfast, London and Glasgow – please check on the link below for more details.

Its high time that the church became known again for being good news to our culture and what better way than to offer hospitality, hope and help to some of the most vulnerable children and their families.

Please get in touch by registering your interest at our website here.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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