Exam Prayer

Examprayer.co.uk website launched to support students during exam periods.

2 Year 10 students rushed into the secondary school classroom where our Christian lunchtime club was running. “We can’t stay today” they said, “we’ve got maths exams next, can you pray for us….now”. So we stood, in an English classroom, with 2 un-churched, non Christian lads and prayed for their exams. “It worked” they said the following week, “we did fine”.  In the conversations that followed back in the Swindon Youth for Christ offices examprayer.co.uk was born.

On the site young people are asked to simply enter their first name (optional) and a brief description of the exams they would like prayer for. A Prayer Volunteer then logs into the secure website and prays for that person as they sit their exams. “It’s a really simple idea”, said Chris Priddy, director of SwindonYFC, “yet as a group of Christian Youth Workers who believe in the power of prayer it holds the potential to make a significant impact in the lives of young people during a significantly stressful time of their lives.”

Every May, in a youth club run by SYFC the team would stick an old shoebox on the tuck shop counter and invite young people to write their names and exam dates on scraps of paper before posting them in the box if they would like someone to pray for them as they sat their GCSE’s. examprayer.co.uk vision is to bring this idea into the 21st century.

The site can be used confidentially by any young person who would value prayer support for the exams they are sitting, whatever those exams may be. Youth groups, colleges or churches can also have their own customised mini-site set up by examprayer.co.uk solely for use by their group and their own prayer volunteers.

For more information about the site and the opportunity to use it with your group visit www.examprayer.co.uk.

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