Having missed a few days of blogging I thought it would be good to do a quick update of some of the goings on:

Steve, a fellow youth worker in Brentwood, has committed to blogging daily for 30 days to decide whether or not he is going to give it up or commit long term. Go check out his blog.

While doing this Steve also set up a group monthly book and movie review blog at pageandscreen. Check it out to see what this month’s book and movie is.

Pete Lev has posted on whether the UK trend for churches employing youth ministry people had hit its peak and was now in decline? Go and add your thoughts to the discussion.

Tim Schmoyer has posted an ebook titled, 130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas, which is based on the past two years of blogging that he is done at Life In Student Ministry. Looks like it is well worth getting hold of.
130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas Free Ebook
Download this FREE Ebook!

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