I loved Nicholas Bate’s post on 14 Routes To More Business:

  1. Follow-up everything.
  2. Never lose touch with anybody.
  3. Treat every customer individually.
  4. Get the small stuff right from minute 1.
  5. Be a person they want to talk to.
  6. Make more calls.
  7. Send more proposals.
  8. Ask more customers for leads.
  9. Brainstorm at every team meeting: what’s working and how can we do more of it?
  10. Anticipate the market; predict the client.
  11. Make things easy for current customers
  12. Make money and invest it in (1) skill development and (2) product innovation
  13. Practise thinking differently.
  14. Never, ever, ever allow yourself to doubt that you can get a bigger slice of a shrinking pie.
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