I posted about this a while ago and having spent the last month trying to use a PDA I am still unsure as to which one to choose.

The advatanges of a PDA are that it syncs automatically with Outlook; and there are about a billion other things I could do with it.

The disadvantage is that similar to a mobile phone I really need to spend a whole load of time getting used to how it works, and practicing my inputting of data. Several times I have given up trying to input data in to the PDA and just found a scrap of paper and a pen and scribbled things down. The question is do I persevere or shall I not bother and just use good old pen and paper. I need to think soon as Christmas is a good point to put something on a Christmas list to get me something nice – be it giving David some money for his PDA or buying a filofax.

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  1. Chris,
    I’d get in touch with Morrisons Daylight projectors http://www.morrisonprojectors.co.uk/a_main.php
    and buy whatever they recommed as the best deal/equipment at the time.
    I’ve bought six from them over the last few years and can’t fault Morrisons on quality, back up, service or warranty. (They guarantee their units for 3 years).
    Oh and the prices are WAY better than what you would expect to pay!

    Should just say that I’m not on commission here 🙂 BUT they have REALLY impressed me!

  2. My employers have a Dell, I think oculd be that one. It’s nice and quiet and runs in most light. Thumbs up from me!

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