I was privileged to be at Cape Town 2010.  During the Congress the Pew Forum conducted a survey of the 4,000 delegates from nearly 200 countries.  This was the most wide ranging gathering of Christian leaders in the modern world, the results have now been released.

There were some amazing statistics that came out:

  • 4% of respondents do not believe that Christianity is the one true faith.
  •   2% believe that the Bible is NOT the word of God.
  • 3% believe that life evolved via a process with which God was not involved.
  • 7% believe that God will grant health and wealth to those who have enough faith.
  • 3% believe that it is not essential to follow the teachings of Christ in order to be a good Evangelical Christian.
  • 4% say that believing in reincarnation is compatible with being a follower of Christ.
  • 5% say that it is okay to believe that Jesus is NOT the only way to salvation.

This surprised me, given we had to be recommended by a national organising group, and then had to fill in a long questionnaire before we were approved to attend.  Why would you want to go if ?

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