Clubs in the Premier League spent more than £70m on agent fees between October 2008 and September 2009, I’m obviously in the wrong job:

1 Man City £12,874,283
2 Chelsea £9,562,223
3 Liverpool £6,657,305
4 Tottenham £6,066,935
5 West Ham £5,527,548
6 Arsenal £4,760,241
7 Wigan £3,576,972
8 Portsmouth £3,184,725
9 Bolton £3,166,611
10 Everton £2,008,407
11 Sunderland £2,007,040
12 Aston Villa £1,708,374
13 Blackburn £1,610,885
14 Hull £1,599,188
15 Man Utd £1,517,393
16 Fulham £1,469,258
17 Wolves £1,235,703
18 Birmingham £974,982
19 Stoke City £716,042
20 Burnley £468,398

Total £70,692,513

There’s some interesting stats here.  I find the amount that West Ham, Wigan, Portsmouth and Bolton spent really surprising – they seemed to spend large amounts, especially in comparison with someone like Manchester United.

Stoke City and Burnley have really limited the fees they pay, although that’s partly due to a lack of activity in the transfer market and the lower fees they pay for many of their players.

Manchester City must be regretting their £13 million given all their draws and the 7th place in the league that they now occupy.

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