Throughout the weekend there has been comment in the media (for example) regarding Lydia Playfoot, the 16-year-old girl who went to the High Court on Friday accusing her school of discriminating against Christians by banning the wearing of “purity rings”.

But headteacher Leon Nettley, said the school was applying a basic uniform policy, which “has the overwhelming support of pupils and parents”. He said her ring was “not a Christian symbol, and is not required to be worn by any branch within Christianity”, adding that Lydia was free to display her faith in other ways, e.g. by the wearing of a cross or crucifix.

I think my views are very similar to that of Lev. It is great to see a young person sticking up for their beliefs, but is this the correct fight to be having, are there bigger issues that are worth putting the time and effort into. Is a purity ring really a key symbol of the Christian faith, of course it isn’t. It may well be biblically based etc., but it is isn’t something the Bible asks us to where.

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