Mars Hill have now launched the Resurgence Greek Project (, “a free online Greek tool for those that don’t have the software for your own personal Greek study.”
In an interview with Gary Shavey, Zack explains:

My vision for Re:Greek is that it would be an Open Source project that could capture the imagination of software developers all around the world. I want to see dozens of developers and designers submitting improvements, new features, localizing Re:Greek into their local language, and innovating on this shared platform. I’ll release more in the near future about how this will work, but it will be a model similar to Linux or Ruby on Rails if you are familiar with those projects.

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0 thoughts on “What Bible do you use?”

  1. Hey Chris,

    As of now I use an ESV Reference Bible and I really like it. But I ordered the new ESV Study Bible which is coming out in October and I can’t wait to get that one! I’m sure that will be my favorite when I get it. It will be one of a kind in every way!

    Grace & Peace,

    R.A. Servin

  2. I find I use different translations for different occasions. I always use the NRSV when I’m studying a text (for a sermon or something) but I prefer my New Living Translation most of the time. Tha said I used the Message version the last time I was speaking at an event and I now have an NIV in my work bag as it’s smaller than my New Living.

    When I was doing the Latin teaching thing, I came to the conclusion that using LOTS of different translations was often the best way to get a fuller idea about what the original said.

    A translation will never BE exact or precise; it will always be an interpretation as there are few conceptual words that have a direct translation into another language. The more interpretations the less bias.

    I’m intrigued to know what you’ve switched from and to!

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