Just when you think it can’t get any worse, the BBC are reporting that if you live in Japan, it is now possible to rent a dad:

“The website says the “dad” will help the children with their homework. He will sort out problems with the neighbors. He will take the kids to a barbecue or to a park. He could also appear at the daunting interview with a nursery school head teacher which parents are required to endure in order to persuade the principal to give their child a good start in life.”

Apart from the obvious child protection concerns, I have two big issues with this: firstly, the concern for young people that they have random adults coming in to the family to occasionally be a parental figure that they aren’t – what happens when the young person discovers this; secondly, is society so poor that we don’t develop family or friendships, and instead rent them in for those special occasions?

What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Social networking and the Archbishop”

  1. We at CitySocialising.com wholeheartedly agree with this along with the Archbishop’s comments yesterday in The Sunday Telegraph that Facebook and MySpace are leading young people to seek “transient” friendships, with quantity becoming more important than quality.

    CitySocialising is refreshingly all about “real friends in the real world” and was created to enable people out from behind their computer screens and into the face to face social fire. We know that real world friendships are far more valuable than online friendships and that interacting face-to-face with others is essential for a person’s emotional wellbeing.

    Whilst the internet is a great tool to find like minded others and initiate new friend connections, it’s the offline meeting and socialising with these people and a shared history of experiences through which genuine friendships are forged. http://www.citysocialising.com

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