I had a great problem today, we have too many young people wanting to sign up for our summer camp, which this year is happening at The Quinta (approx 105 beds).  Next year, we’re due to return to Hebron Hall Christian Centre which is a little bit bigger with 128 beds.  For 2012 we need to come up with a bigger solution – somewhere with 160-175 beds, ideally still self-catered, and facilities for a dining room and a separate room for devotions.  Do you have any suggestions?

For our weekends away for the last few years we’ve used Sizewell Hall, England’s most easterly, self catering, Christian conference and camping centre, which sleeps 83 people.  This year with the big increases in young people, we’ve split our weekend with year 10-13 going to Dalesdown which fits 64 people, and our year 7-9 are going to Halls Green which will sleep 65 people.  For next year we’ll probably keep going to Dalesdown and either buy in more of Halls Green to use the other block of accomodation which gives us another 21 beds (totally 86 people) or go back to Sizewell which is a comparable size, cheaper, but much further away.

What do you use, do you have any recommendations, would love to hear your thoughts.

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