I found WhatTheyPlay.com to be a tremendous resource. It’s geared toward helping parents (and youth workers) figure out what’s appropriate for their kids to play without making the parent play through the whole game first. The reviews are pretty neutral, covering the synopsis of the game and a brief rundown of anything that might be considered inappropriate (although the Guitar Hero 3 review failed to explain the extent of how far sexuality actually goes in the game). The parents are then left to decide if it’s ok for their kids to play or not. A rating at the end indicates what age level other parents think the game is appropriate for, as well as comments and insights from site visitors that I often found to be even more helpful than the original review itself. The screenshots and video trailers posted with each game are also helpful for someone who wants to see visuals of what the game is all about.

Check it out: WhatTheyPlay.com
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