choose-fairtrade1We ran a fair-trade day in a local secondary school for 150 year 9 pupils (13-14 year olds) yesterday.

Some of the activities we did included …

  • Pass the parcel with multiple choice fair-trade questions – if they got it correct they got the prize, if they got it wrong, we gave it to someone else.
  • Played the Christian Aid Trading Game – really good fun, especially (as in the old printed version) changing all the economic situation
  • Held a brief spontaneous debate around the topic of fair-trade: lots of opinions shared and challenged
  • Split into mini groups and made presentations on one of the following: bananas; chocolate; coffee and tea; clothing; and money.
  • Heard about people traffiking
  • Challenged as to how they can make a difference

There are a number of things we could do to improve the day, but it was a good stimulating day, that hopefully we will be able to offer to offer to other local schools in the area.  The problem of these kind of days is they are very draining on resources as a one-off, whereas when you do them regularly the prep isn’t as big a deal.

Do any of you do anything similar?

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