John Dunford, a speaker at the Association of School and College Leaders annual conference has given what looks to be a great speech on the topic of the school becoming the moral ruler for life.  Here are some quotes:

Poor parenting and the erosion of family life are leaving schools as the only moral framework in many children’s lives.

For too many children, school was the “only solid bedrock in their lives … For some families, the focus of family life has been lost – such as eating a meal together – and the loss of a family conversation.

The old certainties have gone and with them the institutions, such as the church, which articulated those certainties.  So for some children, it is only the school that provides a framework that sets the line between what is and isn’t acceptable.”

Some fantastic thoughts on the change and shift in culture, although it is sad to see once again the churches role in the community and in schools being spoken of in a historical sense, in a past tense, rather than a present tense.  The impact of schools work is good but there is so much more that could be done. 

He also said that the fixation with celebrity damaged the efforts of schools to make pupils think they had to work hard to succeed:

Celebrity culture makes the job of schools more difficult, because schools try to inculcate values such as hard work bringing rewards.

The cult of celebrity makes it look all too easy. They don’t realise how long and hard people like David Beckham or pop stars have to train and practise their skills.

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