Krish’s family is quite multi-faith so he wasn’t ‘inducted’ into any faith as a child. His school in Brighton was so rough it now no longer exists which led to some hilarious stories! A 15 yr old lad who’d been picked on for being overweight and with acne; but he stood up and told the class he’d become a friend of God last night if you wanted to know more go and see him; Krish did and that started his journey of faith.

The people who helped Krish process his questions were some schools workers with running the CU and some mentoring 1-2-1 – nearly everything he learnt about evangelism was in the classroom aged 15.

With 130 schools workers today, each with 1,000 pupils, we can reach 130,000 people today.

Schools workers aren’t often valued in school or the church. How do you keep going? Krish showed the T-Mobile advert about traffic wardens!

2 Corinthians 4 – Paul shares his heart in a way where we don’t see elsewhere, people challenge Paul’s authority, his preparation, the quality of his speaking and more. The first line is interesting – many Christians lose heart over their ministry, the amount of preparation time, the lack of results, people who don’t help, the emotional drain – many end up dropping out of not just ministry but their faith. We can’t neatly leave it behind at 4.30pm – the situations travel with us as we go anywhere.

What are the biggest temptations for losing heart on the ministry?

  • A lack of young people acting on the teaching
  • Does God want to use me – is it my call?
  • A sense of isolation

Grace Fuelled
Paul wants to get into our head the importance of grace. He knew he deserved punishment as he had been trying to murder the Christians, and he does a re-think of his Old Testament theology in 2 Cor 3 about Moses – Moses had a fading glory, but we have an even great privilege. Evangelism is great at keeping our heart supple as we share grace with others. Rather than about our talents and performance, it is about grace, God sill wants us in His mission.

God Pleasing
Krish at one point in Harrow tried to link RE, Literature, and Art – ran a town-wide art competition to paint scenes from the story of the Good Samaritan – with 2 schools had 700 pieces of art. Put the art up and parents and carers come and see it, and share the wider story with the audience. When they finished it 2,000 bits of art each time, with over 800 parents coming and hearing the story.

Interestingly though they became mini community celebrities, noticed in the park, on the way to the shops etc. Paul is keen to highlight not there for the recognition, but to please God. Sometimes that means we have tough decisions – we have to share repentance and judgement as well as grace.

In verse 4 we read that the god of this age blinds people so that they can’t believe – even the best assemblies, lessons and debates won’t work. That’s depressing, but instead of talking about us we should preach Jesus. We need to be careful not to share too much testimony from our own life.

When you read the first chapters of Genesis and there is nothing, and then God speaks and things happen. The Queen never seems to make stuff, instead she orders it and it happens. When God awoke faith in us, it is the same God who spoke creation, Jesus is the light of the world, telling stories about him is the way that light breaks into the spiritually blind and deaf.

How do we respond?
Thank you for living as servants of Jesus in the school, you have an impact on peoples lives. When you’re struggling hold on to grace – you’re not here to please your support base, trustees or the local church – you are here to please God.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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