Peer evangelism is the best format of evangelism, it will lead to genuine sharing of faith and is the most consistent way. If you want long-term discipleship then peer evangelism is best. Context is important and legacy – how can it keep going once you leave – peer-evangelism really helps to facilitate that.

But surely they struggle with explaining their faith until yr. 10 and so they only have 18 months. But what about families – they can influence younger siblings, and they may also come back following college and mentor them.

Surely have to do both – some teenagers struggle to articulate their faith and haven’t been good adverts for their faith, they can be helped by seeing how to do it. The Christians can be inspired by those sharing faith in assemblies etc., and so need them.

Some schools work organisations which have supportive churches can focus on assemblies etc., as the discipleship is often done better by the local church youth workers.

If only focus on discipling then you have 1 hour a day, but five hours a day they’re in lessons and assemblies so rather than 80:20 why not move to 60:40.

How can you use Christian pupils to assist in assemblies so as to grow them.

What is the difference in primary and secondary schools – peer evangelism can work in primary and infant but it is much more based around inviting friends to an event.

Following group discussion it seems clear that there needs to be some form of middle ground:

  • What is your vision, and what is your calling, and what are your parameters.
  • Role modelling Jesus: walking alongside people, helping their needs, growing their faith but also speaking on a hill to large groups of people.
  • Important to do both so as not to compromise your faith – use whichever way enables you to share faith.
  • Living the tension of knowing when to step aside to let young people share faith.
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