Following a string of good results Scotland have risen to 13th in FIFA’s world rankings, their highest position since the rankings were introduced in 1993. England, following the loss in Russia, are down to 11th – only 2 places higher than the Socts.
At the moment some would argue that the Scottish team is better than the English, particularly in the way that they play as a cohesive team. I have to say if they were to play each other tonight, I wouldn’t want to predict the result, as it could go either way.
But, if we combined football teams, how many Scottish players would bet into an England/Scotland combined XI? At the moment there are only two players who would make the squad, let alone the team:
  • Craig Gordon, would at the moment, hands down win the position of goal keeper. He is far better than Paul Robinson, David James et al., and I would be happy with him in my team.
  • Barry Ferguson would be a possible squad member, but I am not convinced that he would win a place in the team. Firstly, he struggled a while back at Blackburn, and although he is doing very well at Rangers, there is always that side question of how well would Rangers and Celtic do in the Premiership. Secondly, he would have to push out of the team at least four of the following to get a place: Gerrard, Barry, Lampard, Hargreaves and Carrick, I just can’t see that happening.

Apart from these two there really aren’t many others you would want to put into the England team, possibly you might consider James McFadden for the squad.
What does anyone else think – anyone else you would add or take out?
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