has a great post by Martin Watson on SEAL – What is it and how can it help me? As I have mentioned before I work as a Learning Mentor in a primary school and have been involved in pastoral care in secondary schools so this is something I have been trying to get my head around more.

Here are a few quotes from his post:

Research has shown that well designed programmes that promote social and emotional skills have shown to have a positive impact on pupil’s attitudes and behaviour (Weare and Gray, 2003; Zins et al., 2004) For example:

• Pupils have higher self esteem and confidence
• Pupils are happier and get on better with each other
• Pupils are more engaged in learning so fewer disengage with school
• Quieter pupils become more assertive and confident

• There is better behaviour in the classroom and improved attendance
• There is less bullying
• There are lower rates of truancy, offending and drug misuse

SEAL is not supposed to be taught for 1 hour each week and then be forgotten. The only way it will be completely effective is if it is used across the school with everybody involved.

SEAL aims to develop five main areas; self-awareness; empathy; social skills;
motivation and managing feelings.

Check out the Behaviour and Attendance website which has more detailed information.

I am excited about the opportunities this brings in school to develop young people as people and not just a factory line trying to get results in public exams such as SATs, GCSEs or A’ levels. I think it also provides a great opening for churches to be involved in supporting schools in this. The topics that SEAL concentrates on, are ones that link with a holistic ministry to young people.

Are you involved in SEAL work in your schools work? Tell me about it if you are.
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