The third session of the Hampshire County Council SEN Conference was entitled “Pupil Premium” and led by Glynis Wright, County Inspector/Adviser (PDL)

HCC governor services

Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes

What do we want for all of our young people?

To maximise potential, to be self-assured, confident, enthused with great aspirations with life skills prepared for adult life.

Interestingly when we talk with parents they don’t include academic achievement.

The Pupil Premium has been given to this to help resolve this.

FSM, Service Children, CiC, SEN

In each school we will have pupils on FSM, pupils entitled to FSM but parents haven’t completed paperwork.  The news this week about pupils in Infant schools gaining FSM will change this, especially if widened to .

CiC may be worth double funding if they’ve been registered for FSM – £900 for FSM Ever 6 and a claim for being in care for 6 months plus.  Service children can claim £300.  Under Ever3 you can claim for 3 years after the parent(s) have left the forces.  So are you asking the questions that need to be asked.

SEN children some of whom gain additional funding, and some you find funding for from the budget.  If you have Service Children with SEN there is a concern over the delay in getting them assessed – the issue of turbulence contributing.

Who are the vulnerable groups in your schools?

What characteristics might they show?  Traveller families, SEN, CiC, high turbulence, young carers, EAL, BME, boys.  OFSTED will want to know how you’re addressing these issues, and what individual teachers are doing to address these needs.

For those CYP who are vulnerable but as yet gained no funding how can you scoop up and help them benefit from what htey’re putting in place.  218 out of 581 schools responded to Pupil Premium survey – used a small portion of Pupil Premium to better train Teachers and Staff, e.g. in doing 1-2-1 or peer educators – that is how it will be sustainable post 2015 if the funding stops.

Background to Pupil Premium

Introduced in April 2011 for FSM only at £450.  No real pressure on schools, and so an ad-hoc system developed with some schools putting it in general budget.  £623 in 2012.  £900 in 2013 with the proviso of accountability.  Only 47% of HCC Schools have anything on website in March 2013.  Will be £1,300 for Primary only on 1st April 2014.  Josie Matthews at HCC says still no news for Secondary, but £500 catch up for every child who arrives in school with no Level 4+ in English and Maths.

Sutton Trust EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit 2011 “What works”

  1. Effective feedback
  2. Metacognition and self-regulation
  3. Peer tutoring
  4. Early intervention
  5. 1-2-1 tutoring
  6. ICT
  7. Phonics
  8. Parental involvement

Sutton Trust Research 2013

  1. Effective feedback ££ +8mths
  2. Metacognition and self-regulation ££ +8mths
  3. Peer tutoring ££££ +6mths
  4. Early Years interventions £££££ +6mths
  5. 1-2-1 tutoring ££££ +5mths
  6. Homework (secondary) £££ +5mths
  7. Collaborative learning £ +5mths
  8. Phonics £ +4mths

What else

Sometimes schools are too focussed on academic – more of the same that has already failed them.  We need to help unlock their lust ofr learning.  Some of these soft interventions do make a real difference:

  • Breakfast clubs
  • After-school programmes – e.g. ROC challenge, school productions
  • Multi-agency teams in school
  • Parenting support
  • Allocate best teachers to disadvantaged children

Yes you need to show progress but there are other ways of measuring in addition to levels of progress.

OFSTED Report January 2013

Pupil Premium: How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement is the follow up to the report published in September 2012.  Need to use the Pupil Premium Analysis & Challenge Toolkit for Schools:

  • Governor’s knowledge and awareness
  • Leaders and managers actions
  • Pupil’s progress and attainment

Overall, will governors know and be able to intervene quickly if outcomes are not improving in the way that they want them to?

The Government have been very clever putting the onus on Governors and have parents as sentry’s checking up on this via the info you have to place on your website.


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