Around the web there have been various stories highlighted where people have taken a risk or made a sacrifice to make a difference for others. Here are a couple I have seen:

On A Place for the God Hungry (a blog I occasionally read) is a story of a family who took in 44 people who were stranded in a snow storm while on the road and just gave them their house to hang out in, food to eat, and a place to sleep until they could get back on the road.

On the BBC News yesterday was this story of Wesley Autrey, a construction worker in New York, who jumped onto the tracks of the New York subway and rolled with 19-year-old Cameron Hollopeter (who had fallen onto the track while having a seizure) into the trough between the rails at 137th Street station.

It is great to see normal things taking risk for others. That is what we should all be prepared to do.

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