Loved Nicholas Bate’s Seven Handy Productivity Strategies:

  1. The Forward View: roll out the schedule and ask: what’s coming up? Note a few and start preparing now. Avoids surprises.
  2. The Break, Break and Date: take a big project and or task and smash it to pieces and then decide when you will do each piece.
  3. The Postpone: when under pressure and stress is saying ‘do everything’, sit back and ask ‘what could be safely delayed?’.
  4. The Top Of The Mountain; take an hour out and gain perspective. What is really important here?
  5. The 3 by 5 Card: all you need for the day. On one small card.
  6. The One List, One Place: all you need to do, all you have to do. In one place.
  7. The R&R: time to rest and recuperate.
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0 thoughts on “The 10 O’Clock Rule”

  1. I usually set the alarm 30mins earlier than I need to get ready and get out etc. I’m one of these people who would much rather be ready earlier and have an extra twenty mins to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or something, than allowing myself just tje bare minimal amount of time, and being late if something puts be behind schedule.

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