We’ve not had a good start to the season, I think the beach ball incident against Sunderland highlighted that, and what was worse was we deserved to lose that game, regardless of the goal being illegal.

Some people have been saying that Liverpool aren’t good enough to seriously challenge for the title but wasn’t it our team that was playing the best football in the country and scoring stash loads of goals just a few months ago? Wasn’t this the same team that finished the season with its highest ever points total, a total that would have won the title in many previous seasons? And we still have the same manager now as we did then, who is seen to be a great tactician, so not much has changed.

The only difference between our side now and the one we had then is we don’t have Alonso anymore and there’s no doubt he is a loss but good though he was, I think his departure has been vastly over-emphasised by some of the media.  We’ve added Glen Johnson to the right which has been a real positive step.  My problem is that we don’t have depth, when we have our first team available we are possibly the best team in the Premiership.

When we lose Gerrard and Torres we really struggle, but I’m not sure what Rafa is expected to do about this.  During the summer he made a good profit on the players we sold, but wasn’t allowed to sign £6 million rated Michael Turner from Hull.  It’s clear that the issue isn’t with Rafa, but with our owners

We’ve beaten United, and the challenge now is for Rafa to use that as motivation to keep the team going.  If we can have a great run in from now till after Christmas we still have a chance, all it needs is for United and Chelsea to have as bad a run as us and we’ll be up there.

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