I was given a flyer about these resources by our local primary school where I work.  Dennis Morris, world famous photographer, was commissioned last year by a vicar and a youth worker to take photographs that would give the Easter story contemporary relevance for young people.  The images form part of an Easter resource pack jointly sponsored by the Diocese of London and CMS.  Below is the Palm Sunday image from the pack (Photo: © Dennis Morris/London Diocese/CMS)

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Lat Blaylock from RE Today writes: “This is a fresh and intriguing take on the Easter story of Jesus that will enable Christian communities to make a spiritual contribution to pupils’ learning in Religious Education.  The photos are wonderfully conceived and shot.  Buy it, and use it daringly!” 

You can download the resources free or pay £8 from the CMS online shop to get a hard copy.


Go check it out: CMS website ‘Shooting Jesus’

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