The Heinze situation seems to be continuing. He is taking his dispute with Manchester United to a Premier League arbitration panel next week regarding his wish to leave the club. He wants to join Liverpool and claims he has a letter from United which would allow him to leave if a club offered £6.8m. However, United insist they made it clear Heinze would not be permitted to join one of their title rivals and still has two years left on his contract.

Is this fair? In any other job, Heinze would be allowed to hand his notice in. Heinze has vowed to “carry on like a professional” and is continuing pre-season training with Manchester United. Previously United chief executive David Gill said “He is a contracted player for two years and unless we receive an offer which is acceptable to us as a club, he will remain with us,” he said. Gill says that before Liverpool revealed their interest, he verbally informed Heinze’s agent that United would not be prepared to sell him to any of their three major domestic rivals. That conversation is thought to have been recorded, and if so, could feasibly be used as evidence if the matter ended up in court.

Alex Ferguson has suggested that it is a case of an agent unsettling a player saying “I think that if we could take away the agent’s role in this I don’t think an awful lot is wrong with Gabi’s position at the club,” said Ferguson. “We’ve looked after Gabi very well. He had his cruciate knee operation and we looked after him. We let him do his rehabilitation in Spain, which he wanted and I think he’s delighted at how we’ve treated him. We’ve conducted ourselves in a way that suited Gabi perfectly.”

I think this, alongside the Tevez affair, highlights the problems in football. It would seem that football isn’t a free market and the Bosman ruling was only the start of opening up the market for players to work in. Do you think that it’s unfair that Heinze’s move to Anfield is facing such opposition or is it fair enough that Manchester United don’t want to lose a talented player to a rival?

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