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These are my notes from the session on Children’s Ministry – Fresh Thinking  which was led by Alan Charter from Scripture Union.

Facts from the Today video (

  • 50% of the world is young
  • 1/3 of children have not heard of Jesus

Issues in the room

  • Youth and children’s ministry is blossoming with 100 under 18s but no concessions for all-age worship?  What would the best possible faith journey look like?
  • Got no children but an opportunity in the local school.
  • Fair amount with families and children e.g., Messy Church, Toddler Groups, Open the Book, Experience Easter, Experience Christmas but how do we keep it all fresh rather than thinking we have it all sorted?
  • Recruiting volunteers is often an issue – we need to share it with the wider church, e.g. Deut. 6 & 11.

Are children a glass of water being poured into or fire

  • Flames to control
  • Vessels to be filled
  • Igniting
  • Dangerous!
  • Pots to be filled or flames to be fanned

Sometimes we focus too much on imparting knowledge and teaching to children.  Proverbs 22:6 shows it is important but if we are made in the image of God how do we release them to be who God wants them to be.

Craft can be really helpful for conversations, especially with boys, e.g. Carolyn Edwards, Slugs, Dogs and Puppy dogs tails!

How was it for you?

  • Aged 4
  • Aged 7
  • Aged 11

Think on the who, what, and how?

Relationships, stories, experiences, Gideon’s bible, prizes from Sunday school, being allowed to serve.

Fuller Institute – Sticky Faith

Models of ministry

  • Proclamation, e.g. Billy Graham
  • Programmes, e.g. Alpha
  • Presence, e.g. Loving our local school, being the body of Christ in our local community.
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