Aston Villa don’t want to sell Barry.  And since we’ve had what I think is our fourth bid rejected, I think we need to look elsewhere.  Barry is a great player, but at 28, and what appears to be a valuation of £18-20 million he seems a little over-rated.

Of course, I feel sorry for Barry.  He wants to come, and that won’t please Villa fans, and the club have already disciplined him for it. If he remains there, he will presumably lose the captaincy, and potentially play less games which could lose to him struggling to keep his England place.

Now is the time to get on and look elsewhere before we end up with no-one.  Our midfield isn’t looking the strongest for the start of season.  It seems that Alonso will be going to Juventus, and Mascherano, Lucas, and if he isn’t still injured, Babel all off to play in the Olympics.  That only leaves us with Gerrard, Benayoun, Pennant, and possibly Kuyt if we were desperate as experienced players.

If one of those guys gets an injury than we can forget challenging in the League, and to some degree the Champions League.  So with or without Barry we need at least another midfielder – let’s get it going.

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