I saw a headline in the news about how a Struggling Greek football team signs sponsorship deal with a brothel:

Voukefala, from the city of Larissa, will have the Soula establishment advertised on their pink shirts for the rest of the season.

Voukefala president Giannis Batziolas told NovaSport FM radio station: “The proposal was made strictly for economic reasons.  As soon as the offer was made, we couldn’t turn it down.  He stressed that the firm is ‘a legal enterprise valued at two million euros (£1.6million).”

In making those comments, Batziolas was maybe sensing the kind of opposition which put an end to plans for a major Australian Rules football club to pen a sponsorship deal with a brothel in 2010.  The agreement was shelved after St Kilda City bowed to pressure from the league’s ruling body. 

The Greek side is not the first to have gone down this route, though.  In 2007, the Italian fourth-tier football team Trento Calcio 1921 agreed a sponsorship deal with an Austrian brothel – leading to outrage that the official club website linked through to their sponsor’s site, complete with explicit photos of the Casa Bianca employees. 

Voukefala’s players put any negative thoughts to the back of their minds when they heard news of the agreement.  ‘When we announced to the players that our sponsor would be a brothel, they wanted to know about bonuses,’ joked Batziolas.

Is it just me, I’m appalled at how any sports club could think this would be a positive move, encouraging the degrading of women to be seen as normal just shouldn’t happen in the 21st century?

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