Liverpool striker Luis Suarez took his league tally to 10 goals for the season after the striker produced another outstanding performance to help defeat Wigan 3-0.

While the first half was mainly controlled by the reds they did not create a lot of chances other than a good strike from Suso outside of the box. Brendan Rodgers made a tactical change towards the end of the first half which saw Suso being taken off and replaced by Jordan Henderson.

In the second half the Reds were a lot more attacking and Luis Suarez continued his goal scoring for by scoring twice in nine minutes.

Jose Enrique deserves special mention as he had a very good game and was very dangerous from the left side of midfield. He managed to score his first Liverpool goal and also setup Suarez for another.

Manager Brendan Rodgers was very pleased with the teams performance:

“I think there are superlatives for the team today. I thought the team was outstanding, in particular second half.  Luis took his goals very well, his movement again was outstanding, but today was very much about the team. The ethos and the spirit of the team, the pressure that we applied as a team, was very strong. Today was a result for everyone and I was delighted with that performance.

We’re very much a team – Luis is a very big part of that and you see his goals today. His first goal was a wonderful finish, great weight of pass by young Raheem and he finished it great.  The second one was a lovely pass from Jose Enrique and a nice little off-the-shoulder run and finish.  He’s a master marksman, absolutely outstanding and obviously we’re thrilled to have him. But the ethos is very much on the team and I thought the team was excellent today.”

Lets hope Liverpool can now go on a bit of a run and climb back up the table where they belong.

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