TeamGB have launched their 2012 Olympic Games kit.  The kit was designed by Stella McCartney and will be produced by Adidas.  The kit will be available to purchase in shops, and proceeds from sales will go towards paying for the Games. The designs were unveiled at the Tower of London by McCartney on Thursday morning.

I have to say that although the kit is growing on me, I’m still not a big fan yet, I think it is because it looks very blue, and I don’t quite get the X factor style X on the kit.  Technically though it sounds amazing, for example the swimming kit is 35% lighter than most competitors.  Across all sports, the kit will comprise up to 175,000 items of clothing for up to 500 Olympic and 350 Paralympic athletes and includes 38 types of footwear.

More important than my thoughts, here are what some of the athletes think:


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