It was great watching The Apprentice tonight. The way the candidates were interviewed was very interesting, they spent a long time focusing with the girls on their role as a mother of their children. The questioning seemed to verge on the illegal with the way that it digged into their lives. But then you can understand that Sir Alan wanted the top level of commitment, which in the end Katy decided she couldn’t give without thinking it through further. Surely, she must have realised if she got the job she would have to move from Exeter and would have thought the issue through before joining the show. Who knows, but certainly an interesting show.
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0 thoughts on “Question Time, Nick Griffin and the BNP”

  1. I disagree about it not being a normal Question Time because it was largely about the BNP and it’s policies. It *was* a normal QT, because the audience decide the questions, and arguably the BNP’s representation on QT was *the*biggest* political story of the week.

    I think the edition of QT with an audience made up of young people was a specific edition (Schools Question Time: which was also produced entirely by young people.

    In everything else, I agree with you about the BNP, Griffin and the way in which the show was managed.

    Loved this piece about it in the Independent today:

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