I loved Jon’s recent post on The Full Circle of Christian Ministry, check it out:

Friday night: Youth and Chidlrens Work

Child: I lost my jumper

Leader: Where did you leave it?

Child: I don’t know

Leader: Let’s check lost property

Child: OK

Leader: Is your name on it?

Child: I don’t know

Leader: Is it one of these?

Child: No I don’t think so


Monday Morning: Older folks Bible Study and Meal

Gentleman: Someone’s taken my walking stick

Staff: Where did you leave it?

Gentleman: By the window

Staff: Which window?

Gentleman: That one over there

Staff: Did it have your name on it?

Gentleman: Yes, but it’s been rubbed off

Staff: We’ll sort it out tomorrow


There are certain principles that you can apply to working with any age group…

Absolutely true, we find most days someone is popping into the church for lost property – be it from a pre-school group or our older peoples groups.

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