Just heard this story on the news, and think I might use it next week for a session that I am due to be doing on truth. Read it and laugh:
A bullet has been removed from behind the right ear of a US man who went to hospital complaining of a headache.
Michael Moylan, 45, from the state of Florida, is quoted as saying he had woken up with a headache so severe he thought it was caused by an aneurysm. His wife, April, took him to hospital but left when the bullet was found. She was arrested later over the shooting, but said it was an accident.

A gun was discovered during a search of his house, along with blood-stained rags. According to the Palm Beach Post newspaper’s website, Mr Moylan and his wife gave conflicting accounts to police throughout the day. Mrs Moylan told police she had returned to the house from the hospital to check if there were any signs that her husband had been shot from outside the building. Mr Moylan had told police no weapons were held at the house, the paper says. He reportedly told police he had woken up with a headache and asked his wife if she had elbowed him in the head while he slept.

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