Britney Spears really seems to be struggling at the moment. The most recent incident is the shaving off of all her hair (which is now being auctioned of for $1 million – making someone a tidy profit!). She has never been far from the limelight but since filing for divorce in November she seems to have gone off the rails. Britney went on a period of partying with other young celebrities. During this period she was heavily criticside for photographs which seemed to show her without underwear, and she reportedly collapsed at a New Year’s party in Las Vegas.

The BBC have Professor Cary Cooper, a psychology professor at Lancaster University, saying that Spears’ recent behaviour is a “call for help”. “She’s saying: ‘I’m very confused, I’m not in control of myself at the moment, I need a fresh start, I need help.'”

In many ways she sounds like she is struggling with her identity and her role in the same way that many of the young people I work with do. Let’s just hope that she gets the right support around her, and manages to keep out of the press for a while.

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