Interesting article on the BBC about how Polaroid, the company behind the instant camera, is to stop making the film used in its iconic technology:

The firm is to close factories in Massachusetts in the US, Mexico and the Netherlands after the digital age left almost no market for the film.
Polaroid stopped making the instant cameras themselves about a year ago. It now focuses on other ventures which include a portable printer for mobile phone images, and Polaroid-branded digital cameras.
“We’re trying to reinvent Polaroid so it lives on for the next 30 to 40 years,” the firm’s president, Tom Beaudoin, told the Associated Press.

We have been thinking a lot in Brentwood about how we do town-wide youth ministry and the need to change direction, to have a rest, to engage in different ways, and that simply doing what we have always done isn’t okay. Some interesting parallels.
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