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The Rank Foundation is running their Time to Shine Internship Programme which looks well worth checking out:

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  • Do you have a specific project need that will help your organisation to improve its performance?
  • Would it help if you could complete a particular task that is always on the ‘list to do’?
  • And do you know a young person who has the time, energy and commitment to help you achieve the task?

If so, the Time to Shine Internship Programme could be right for you. The Rank Foundation has an initiative that will enable young people to gain work experience on a full time basis over a period of up to 12 months, helping the organisation achieve a specific project task.

The task is yours to define, but it could be anything from devising and implementing a social media strategy to getting your intern involved in research, marketing, fundraising or community volunteering.  The task should be specific and measurable, as well as achievable within the timescale and within your organisation’s resources.

The Rank Foundation will award a grant to the organisation based on the Living Wage to cover the direct salary costs of the intern, an additional award of £1000 restricted to the internship activities (such as travel costs to non-compulsory events) and discretionary assistance towards training costs.

At the end of the internship  the organisation will have benefited by addressing a particular organisational development need, thus improving its services to the wider community, and the young person will have had the opportunity to test out their skills, improve employment prospects and of course they will have the space and ‘time to shine’!

Key dates to bear in mind are:

Closing Date for Applications Tuesday 6th October 2015
We will notify you of the outcome of this first stage by Friday 16th October.

If you are successful we will arrange a London-based or on- site interview which both the candidate and the line manager must attend.  Please let us know of any dates that are not suitable.  If you are unable to identify a suitable candidate please let us know as the placement could be offered to another organisation.
We will be conducting lots of interviews but will inform you of the final outcome no later than Friday 4th December.   Please do not offer the position to the prospective intern until and unless you have been offered a Time to Shine placement.

If you are successful the Intern must be able to start the placement no later than 11th January 2016.
Residential Conferences – for both the manager and intern – 18th/19th or 19th/20th January 2016 and a review event on 15th/16th or 16th/17th June 2016.
The Intern must also attend the conference and Showcase event on the 28th-30th September 2016.

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