If you’re a student with aspirations to become a global financial services professional, you may be interested in anew study by QS Top Universities indicating where you ought to go to school.

QS has ranked 200 schools globally according to their appeal to financial services employers. There are some curious anomalies, such as the absence of French schools such as Paris-Dauphine and the University of Canterbury at #31 – until you realise that it refers to the university of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Nevertheless, for all its apparent failings, here’s the ranking of global financial services employers’ 100 most favourite academic institutions.  According to this survey, if you’re in the UK and want to work in finance, it seems you should be studying at Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, or the University of Manchester.

 Title Employers
1 Harvard University 100
2 University of Oxford 96.9
3 University of Cambridge 90.6
4 London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 86.1
5 Stanford University 83.1
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 77.4
7 London Business School 70.1
8 University of California, Berkeley (UCB) 67.7
9 The University of Melbourne 67.7
10 Columbia University 66.3
11 Yale University 65.9
12 McGill University 63.9
13 University of Pennsylvania 61.9
14 Monash University 59.5
15 Università  Commerciale Luigi Bocconi 59.3
16 National University of Singapore (NUS) 58.4
17 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 57.5
18 University of Chicago 56.8
19 University of Toronto 54.7
20 The University of Sydney 54
21 New York University (NYU) 53.8
22 The University of Auckland 53.6
23 The University of Warwick 52.8
24 University of Michigan 52.7
25 Imperial College London 52.6
26 The University of New South Wales 52.3
27 Northwestern University 50.5
28 Peking University 49
29 Cornell University 46.8
30 The University of Queensland 46.6
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