John Stackhouse has a post on the Top Ten apologists.  He includes:

Mother Teresa–doubts and all–gotta be in the Top Ten

U2 and Arcade Fire: Christians can be cool, musical, and conscientious

Rodney Stark: All of Western history is not too big a canvas to make his case for the (generally positive) influence of Christianity

Tom Morris: Good philosophy (which is simply God’s truth, when done properly) can help your business . . . and your soul, and your family, and your nation . . .

Alister McGrath and John Polkinghorne: A theologian and a priest who pack serious scientific credentials

George Marsden, Mark Noll, and Harry Stout: Evangelicalism and Christianity in general deserve a serious (historical) look

Christopher Parkening: When he plays Bach, the angels listen

Billy Graham and John Paul II: Once you get to know them, they’re not nearly as bad as you thought, and actually pretty impressive . . .

International Justice Mission: Doing some of what needs to be done in some very dark places

World Vision and the Salvation Army: Work worth every dollar anyone gives them

A Rocha: See? Christians care about the environment, too!

The Wittenburg Door: See? Christians can be funny, too!

For me, off the top of my head, I think John Stott would possibly need to be included – he preaches and teaches his heart out.  Going back in history, William Wilberforce and his amazing conversion, and then passion to free people, or in a more modern context Martin Luther King, who persevered in the face of opposition.  Who is your nomination? 

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