Some bits from around the Christian world on the web:

  • Justin Taylor posted links to a four-part sermon series from Douglas Moo, whose commentary on Colossians and Philemon will soon be published.
  • ‘How could God command genocide in the Old Testament?’ is the title of a helpful article that Justin Taylor wrote for New Attitude. NA asked their readers for their top 5 Bible difficulties, and this ended up being one of them. Justin outlined 7 points to remember while examining this issue.
  • The latest Christ on Campus Initiative essay–written by Dr. Chawkat Moucarry, religions specialist for World Vision, is now available online: A Christian Perspective on Islam.
  • Crossway has now launched a book blog, which will contain news, interviews, and sample chapters.
  • The Newfrontiers Youth Conference, New Day has posted its audio sermons online for free.
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