It’s been a couple of weeks so here’s a bumper edition of interesting theology and ministry links from around the world, controversially not on a Tuesday:

The Gospel Coalition’s new website has been launched. Go check it out.

The latest 9Marks e-journal is online.

Justin Taylor points out that the MP3s from the 2008 Oak Hill School of Theology lectures by Tom Schreiner on “Run to Win the Prize: The Nature of Warnings in New Testament Theology.” are available:

How to understand the warnings in Scripture.
Persevering in faith is not perfection
Persevering in faith is not works-righteousness
Faith and Assurance

He also spoke on believers baptism and did a Q&A on it:

Believers Baptism
Question Time

Alex Chediak interviews Tim Keller about his new book, The Prodigal God: Christianity Redefined through the Parable of the Prodigal Sons.

The latest Sovereign Grace Leadership Interview podcast is now online this time on the topic of The Pastor and his Joy.

William Lane Craig writes an article on ‘Is God Dead?’, saying:

“To paraphrase Mark Twain, the news of God’s demise was premature. For at the same time theologians were writing God’s obituary, a new generation of young philosophers was rediscovering his vitality.”

You can also see Craig’s recommended reading on the existence of God.

The Fruitfulness of Plodding is a great post by Doug Wilson. He provides brief principles and shares the particulars from his own life and schedule. The basic principles are:

  1. redeem the fifteen minute spaces;
  2. maintain boundaries for everything, boundaries that suit the circumstance;
  3. measure progress by the extended video, not the snapshot;
  4. use and reuse everything
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