Some top blog posts from around the world of theology and church ministry:

  • Church Relevance posted their list of the “Top 60 Church Blogs.”
  • provides a list of 100 blogs that concentrate on theology, Biblical studies etc.
  • Tony Jones highlights a new Emergent network: Queermergent, “An Emergent Safehouse for the LGBTQ Community and All Interested People Seeking Understanding.”
  • Colin has a helpful tip for preparing sermons or for regular Bible reading. Play 20 observations.
  • Justin Taylor: “Each issue of the Tyndale Bulletin–which began in 1956–is now online.”
  • James Grant offers some practical counsel on family worship.  This is an issue I’m intrigued to spend time thinking about, it’s something you don’t hear much about over here in the UK, so is it just an American thing, should we all be doing it, is anyone got any other ideas?
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