Here are some interesting posts on theology and ministry from around the web in the last few days:

Desiring God has now posted new audio and video of John Piper’s 5-hour seminar exegetically unpacking the theology of the 5 points of Calvinism.

Andy Jackson offers 10 biblical guidelines on how Christians can engage in politics without “losing their souls.”

Great post by Cal Habig on Sixteen Things Paul Did Right in His Sermon Intro on Mars Hill

Leadership Journal interviews David Anderson, John Buchanan, Al Mohler, Rick Warren, and Tullian Tchividjian on biblical authority and today’s preacher.

Four Critical Elements of Preaching, an article by Wayne McDill, says that sermon development takes on four forms, each with its particular contribution to the support of sermon ideas. These are Explanation, Illustration, Argumentation, and Application.  Go check it out for more.

Tony Reinke on CJ’s blog has written about an article Joshua Harris wrote which touches on the issue of mentoring ‘the next generation’.  Here is a clip from the article:

When I came along he didn’t see me as a nuisance. He didn’t see me as a threat. His first concern wasn’t preserving his position. He saw me as a young man in whom he could invest in so that the most important truth—the truth of the Gospel—could be passed on. What a refreshing perspective. Our job isn’t to fend off the next generation. Our calling as lovers of the Gospel is to equip the next generation to surpass us in faithfulness and effectiveness.

Somewhere there’s a young man or woman praying for a mentor. Get ready. You could be God’s answer to that prayer. (p. 71)

Very inspiring, and certainly it has been modelled to me by David my boss.

Following on from this, Jonathan Leeman blogs about some remarks by Al Mohler about church reform:

A young man entering a church should not expect to reform it so much by persuading the old guard, but by raising up and discipling a new generation of younger men and waiting for them to grow into positions of leadership.

Looking around Dever’s study, he observed a room full of twenty-somethings. What that might mean for guys in their twenties is finding guys in college and pouring into them.

The problem with Mohler’s counsel, of course, is that it takes patience and a total commitment. It means taking the long view. And who wants that?!

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