Liverpool are begining to pick up the pace at the moment.  Following the 2-0 vicotry over Inter Milan, Rafa Benitez called for 12 points from the four Premiership games we had to play before the second leg at the San Siro.  Given our lack of consistency that didn’t look the easiest of targets but we have made it, with some impressive victories along the way.  It is clear though, that a lot of this rests on Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

Gerrard & Torres

Gerrard has struggled at times this season, and was criticised for his comments in relation to the underachievement of the team this season.  But his actions recently show what he is talking about.  His form has been brilliant in the last few matches, driving the team on, and really loving the formation that Rafa has been playing recently.  Especially now in the knowledge that Mascherano (who is here to stay) will protect the defence.

Torres is in another league, at the moment I am desperate to see how I can bring him into my fantasty football team because he is on fire.  Throughout the season he has been lethal as a striker, but at the same time off the pitch seems really humble in his interaction with the media.  In his first in the Premiership he has already scored 25 goals for us, all of them from open play.  To put this in context his total of 19 goals in the Premiership so far, is just 4 goals off Ruud Van Nistleroy’s record goal tally for an overseas striker in the league, and 8 or 9 of his goals came from the penalty spot!

Torres is brilliantly fast, but there is so much more to his game then just pace.  For me, his speed of mind is equally as impressive as his speed of movement.  He reads the game so well and scores some goals that I don’t think other players would even think to try.  His most recent goals are perfect examples, his hat-trick against West Ham, was his third of the season and each of the goals were totally different.

Individually, Gerrard and Torres are brilliant world-class players. They are both potential match-winners who can turn the course of a game with a moment of brilliance. However, we have seen in recent games that they are beginning to form a fruitful partnership that is an exciting cocktail of pace, power and goals aplenty.  Let’s hope it continues into our trip to the San Siro.

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  1. You did of course forget the most important point Chris – cricket is a totally pointless, waste of space of an attempt at sport!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL
    See ya

  2. Cricket is great – a time to sit and chill out in the sunshine with a drink and call it ‘sport’. You have obviously missed the point of it! LOL,


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