I have been doing a bit of research for some sessions on families that we are going to be doing with one of the groups here at the church. I found an interesting survey of 3,000 television viewers, who were asked to name their favourite TV family. Here are the results:

1. The Royle Family
2. The Trotters (Only Fools and Horses)
3. The Simpsons
4. The Osbournes
5. Frasier Crane and family (Frasier)
6. The Addams Family
7. The Waltons
8. The Dingles (Emmerdale)
9. The Mitchells (EastEnders)
10. The Fishers (Six Feet Under)

Am going to see who the young people would put in the top 10. I think they will be fairly different!

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