Today marked the 93rd Anniversary of the end of World War Two, and as people across the UK prepared to pay their respects in the annual two minute silence, I found myself wondering: will there be a Twitter silence as well?

To find the answer to this question I turned to Twitter itself and less than a minute later I had found the Twitter silence hashtag along with various supporting account profiles. Reading through the discussions I found people across the UK pledging a Twitter silence.

I was amazed when I logged back into Twitter to find that the silence really had happened online too, and it really made me think about the power of the online world.  We are now more connected than ever and the majority of the population are never far from a tool to access the digital community.  As people use new technology to be more social, I find it truly inspiring that it is also being used to unite people across the nation.

At school I would stand with friends and teachers to observe the Armistice Day silence; today I did the same with thousands across the UK through Twitter.  If that doesn’t show how much our lives are affected by social media, just watch the Twittersphere next week to see how it is used to support Children In Need.

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